Build a lean and muscular physique that supports your demanding life

We’ve helped over 1000+ entrepreneurs and business leaders shred fat, build muscle, increase energy & feel more confident in their bodies via proven systems and consistent accountability

Here's what Business Leader & Investor Harry had to say...

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Harry has been a part of the Better Man Project for over 3 years now, completing over a thousand workouts.

In that time he’s gotten married, had two children, built multiple businesses and invested in many more.

Before he joined us, he had been training consistently for a decade, without getting the results he really wanted.

For Harry, being a part of the Project has meant:

What Can The Better Man Project Do For You?

The Better Man Project will give you the tools, nutrition systems, training protocols, support and accountability to take your physique, health and entire life to the next level.

We interviewed our members and asked them how the Better Man Project impacted their lives and bodies in relation to nutrition, training, blood work, accountability and support.

Here’s what they had to say…

  • Build a sustainable nutrition system that gets you lean and muscular with ease
  • Eat the right foods so that your energy, hormones, performance and sex drive are all drastically improved.
  • Cut through the BS of the fitness industry and get immediately to the heart of what works for high performing men.
  • Save yourself a significant about of time and stress when it comes to figuring out what to eat, when to eat and when to make adjustments.

  • Increase your strength and longevity by implementing proven training strategies.
  • Build lean muscle without spending hours and hours in the gym.
  • Shred body fat while getting into the best shape of your life.
  • Enjoy customised training protocols that are refreshed every 4 weeks so that you’re never bored or stagnant.

Identify and remedy any deficiencies or abnormalities to ensure you’re healthy, sharp and fit long term.

  • Stay on track 24/7 with our proven Accountability System.
  • Communicate with your Accountability Coach via text and phone, to ensure you’re on track at all times.
  • Never again have to second guess your progress or wonder what to do next.

  • Participate in personal Game Plan Calls every 4 weeks with your Coach, to roadmap the next month and beyond.
  • Remain aligned and on the right path throughout your fitness journey.
  • Bust through plateaus and experience consistent progress.

How It Works:

1. Brainstorm

Get on a call with our transformation specialists to discuss your specific goals, your current situation and your personal lifestyle so that we see if we're the right fit to work together.

2. Join The Project

Once you join the program, we'll take you through our streamlined Onboarding Process which gathers all the information we need in relation to your nutrition and training, so that we have what we need to start creating your custom plan.

3. Accountability

We'll get you connected with your Accountability Coach who will work with you on a 1:1 personal basis with Ben, so that you're never stuck in plateaus, always progressing and seeing consistent results on a weekly basis, no matter what life throws at you.

4. Nutrition

We'll develop your personalised nutrition strategy with emphasis on the requirement for your mental clarity to be at the forefront each day. We systemise your nutrition protocols so that you're never stuck with boring or restrictive meal plans that leave you with no energy or drive.

5. Training

With over two decades of training experience, Ben has formulated training protocols that give you bang-for-your-buck workouts, have you in and out of the gym with no time wasted, and have you shredding fat and building muscle while giving you more energy and boosted testosterone levels.

6. Blood Work

We will provide you with the exact blood markers to be accessed - we then utilise these results to provide you with a customised lifestyle, nutritional and supplementation guideline to ensure that any abnormalities or deficiencies are immediately remedied so that results are even faster.

“What can I expect from the Better Man Project?

The Better Man Project is a comprehensive fat loss and muscle building coaching program for high performing men.

The Project combines elements of of 1:1 Coaching, Done For You Assets, Systems and Frameworks. This program is delivered online.

Here’s what you can expect to gain:

“What have been your biggest win since joining the Better Man Project?”
"I've dropped 19lbs of body fat so far, while all my blood test results have markedly improved."
John B.
"Not only do I look better, but I feel 100x better - in the gym, in my business, with my family."
Conor M.
"I've got abs for the first time in my life. I can show up in work with confidence, control, and authority."
Allen C.
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Business owner and investor Karl had been working out for years. However, what he wanted was a physique and lifestyle to match his status.

And so when he saw our transformations, he knew he needed to jump on board.

He’s now been a Better Man Project member for over 2 years, and with our support he has managed to overhaul his lifestyle and physique during very busy periods of travel, new ventures and business meetings.


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